Sprinkle Grace

Sprinkle Grace Co. is a Specialty Online Retail Store. Sprinkle Grace’s Mission is to Sprinkle Grace and Spread Love to Little Girls, Their Moms, and Their Grandmothers; Through Clean Beauty and Lifestyle Products.

Our Origin:

In June 2019, the embrace of essential oils and natural remedies became a turning point for a family plagued with skincare woes. Grace, then only five, caught on to the joy of crafting rollers and diffuser bracelets, becoming the youngest muse for what would soon evolve into a thriving legacy. The mission was clear - to sprinkle grace by finding natural answers for the skin and daily life.


Sprinkle Grace and Spread Love to Girls, Their Moms, and Their Grandmothers; Through Clean Beauty and Lifestyle Products. Our Beauty Products provide moisture, and Our Lifestyle Products encourage positivity, motivation, and a fun, healthy lifestyle.


The dream is big and bright. By June 2024, we aim to touch 500 little girls, their mothers, and grandmothers, and weave a network of acceptance and kindness. The Sprinkle Grace Squad, led by three successful Affiliate Ambassadors, shall embark on a transformative journey. Our target of $5000 monthly revenue is not just a figure but a symbol of empowerment and growth. And with five physical locations and five e-commerce platforms, Sprinkle Grace will be a beacon of wholesome beauty.

Core Values:

Our brand is built upon the values that define who we are:

- **Grace and Love:** The heartbeat of all interactions.

- **Positivity:** A radiance of joy and hope.

- **Empowerment:** The wind beneath the wings of every girl.

- **Clean Beauty:** The embrace of natural purity.

- **Fun and Creativity:** The playground of imagination.

- **Mindfulness and Well-being:** The pursuit of balanced harmony.

- **Community and Support:** The bond that connects generations.

- **Philanthropy:** The belief in giving back and shaping a better world.

These values are the soul of Sprinkle Grace, painting a world where girls and their families are inspired to embrace beauty, confidence, joy, and a mindful life.

Our Journey Ahead:

Sprinkle Grace is more than a brand; it's a movement. A movement that reaches out and connects hearts. A journey that started with a drop of essential oil but promises to fill lives with grace, love, and beauty. Together, we are Sprinkle Grace, and together, we'll build a world that dances to the rhythm of natural grace.