Sprinkle Grace

Sprinkle Grace Co. is a Specialty Online Retail Store. Sprinkle Grace’s Mission is to Sprinkle Grace and Spread Love to Little Girls, Their Moms, and Their Grandmothers; Through Clean Beauty and Lifestyle Products.

Sprinkle Grace creates each product with the following concerns in mind:

  • All sg made product ingredients are natural and safe for kids and adults.
  • All products are effective, support a problem, and make a difference.
  • All products are made or sold for a specific reason.
  • All products that include a smell use high-quality essential oils or fragrances.
  • Clean Beauty,  and High-Quality Lifestyle Wellness Products Promoting Seld- Love
  • Stay ECO-Friendly.

Skincare issues have plagued our families for years and we wanted to create solutions that would not clog our family’s skin.  What better way to sprinkle skin grace than by finding natural solutions to support skin and other ailments. 

Our new reality started at a modeling event, when 4-year-old Grace stood in front of a group of about 50 people and stated, “I am an Entrepreneur”.  She had no clue that a year later, she would be a KIDCEO. 

In May 2019, we chose to follow my mother's natural approach to everyday issues, utilizing essential oils.  Grace caught on and enjoyed making rollers for her bumps and bruises. She would even tell others “there is an oil for that”.

Sprinkle Grace has formulated top natural beauty products that creates solutions, using a natural, vegan minimalist approach: Lip Balm, 24K Lip Oil, Whipped Body Butter, Scrubs, and of course our Essential Oil Rollers.  Our Lifestyle Products include Affirmation Bracelets w/ or w/o Diffuser Beads,  Sprinkle Grace Accessories, and Books by Sprinkle Grace. All of our products include the best oils possible. 

Sprinkle Grace started out of a need and it is our goal to not sell products but to welcome you into a community of natural grace and love for your skin and life.  If we can start at an early age, then why not? Grace will experience her own set of woes in life but it will not be ones that we can provide solutions for now. 

Every year that we meet our sales goals, a percentage of our profits will go to helping other kids start their own businesses or join the modeling, acting, and runway world.  We will also give to worthy kids foundations.

Sprinkle Grace believes in saving the environment, $1 for every order goes to planet a tree around the world Our recycling program uses 75% glass packaging allowing our customers to save on future purchases.

1 KIDCEO and 1 MOMCEO Sprinkle Grace, creating luxury 100% natural alternatives to common skin care and life issues using a minimalist approach. All of our products are created out of a need.  We want you to smile when you look in the mirror.